How to Onboard Accounting Clients Effectively

This may need to come from the client’s previous bookkeeper or current accountant. ➡️ See the bonus section of
our onboarding guide for a list of standard questions to ask in your first onboarding meeting and the types of apps you might need access to. Remember to highlight that any scope creep or requests for additional services will come with a rate increase. This is particularly important for bookkeepers working on a fixed retainer or clients paying an hourly rate who might be surprised by extra costs. Next, get your meeting off to a good start by setting expectations and running through the agenda.

  • This will give you an idea of  what to look for in a prospective client.
  • You can use Zapier’s pre-built new client intake form template to give your clients a seamless experience from the moment of purchase.
  • Instruct clients and their team members on how to manually enter financial transactions into QuickBooks Online, especially for transactions that may not be captured through automated processes.
  • Review the project’s details and answer any client questions during the meeting.
  • The best part is you can do this by setting up a basic lead qualification form on your website.

Don’t delve too far into this; in-depth training can be covered in a dedicated meeting, but get a feel for whether they’re
comfortable using tech and if they already have experience with your tools. At this point, get any missing information you need for tool access or walk them through the new client questionnaire if they haven’t already completed it. ➡️ See the bonus section of
our onboarding guide for a comprehensive list of what questions you should ask in the onboarding questionnaire.

Client Onboarding Checklist For QuickBooks Online

Many of these tools have pre-designed templates that can be useful for onboarding. A great customer experience starts with making sure you do not keep your customers waiting. Documenting a standardized process for the client onboarding process ensures that you champion this goal. Have communications plans for determining a firm’s percentage of credit sales a new client checklist for bookkeepers to enable you to deliver with fewer challenges. Create a project-specific communication system that your team members and clients can access without challenges. When developing the bookkeeping onboarding checklist, ensure you know your client’s expectations or goals.

In addition, if they have multiple credit cards, you will have more work than when dealing with only one or two. That’s why checklists are popular amongst people who are productivity driven and found it so beneficial for getting things done. Discuss the client’s reporting needs during onboarding to tailor the reports accordingly.

The Ultimate New Bookkeeping Client Onboarding Checklist

Next, verify any access you’ve been granted to government accounts and ensure your information aligns with the records on file. You’ll also want to keep an eye on any deadlines for filings and check nothing is overdue. As you get things set up, you should complete a health check of your client’s records. Doing this will give you a picture of where things currently sit and whether or not extra work is required. Follow up the meeting with a summary of what has been set up, any outstanding to-do items, and your next steps. This will remind them of any responsibilities and mean you have something to refer back to.

Are your tax returns current?

Before you even think about onboarding, there is much to be done in the pre-work phase. You first need to identify who your ideal clients are and what services you are providing them. With onboarding finished, now is a great time to solicit feedback with a survey on how they found the process. Revisit timelines and due dates with your client to make sure they’re realistic after the latest meeting and your initial findings. Here you can mention if you need to add additional work and factor that into the timelines. If you’ll be doing payroll for this client, this is when you’ll need the relevant documentation.

Other details which can be obtained:

On the other hand, a dropdown list of possible answers could reduce your workload.

Basic Information and Documentation

Make sure they know how it works, how secure it is, and what will happen with the signed document afterward. A strategic business plan to gain information on business, equipment and environment that the client will be involved in. Therefore, you need to document them for knowing the future of the business. To get the most out of your accounting process, there are 3 workflows you need to apply. Management accounting methods must be applied in your accounting firm for long-run success and profitability. There are multiple tools and software that can help you achieve these goals.

Plus, it includes hands-on training and downloadable resources to use for onboarding and beyond. Build a strong foundation with new clients, or clients new to FreshBooks, by developing a stellar onboarding process. Contact us to learn more about the best tool to make your onboarding process easier. As a financial advisor, you can use the client’s financial reports to help them make key decision-making.