Alcoholic liver disease: Symptoms, treatment, and causes

A diagnosis of dementia requires a comprehensive physical and psychological evaluation. This includes cognitive testing, which involves assessing thinking and problem-solving skills. Alcoholic dementia can occur at any age, and it is expected to worsen rapidly (within a few years) after the initial symptoms begin. Research shows that cognitive impairment is partially reversible in people who abstain from drinking. ARD is a progressive illness, which means its symptoms often happen in stages and continue to get worse—especially if left untreated. The broader category of alcohol-related dementia includes Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome as well as a type of dementia characterized by impaired planning, thinking, and judgment.

Alcohol is classified as a sedative-hypnotic drug, a substance that depresses the central nervous system, especially when consumed in high doses. This can impact a range of essential functions in your body including your respiratory system, your brain function, and your organs, leading to a slowing of both voluntary and involuntary functions. And again in mice, a 2020 study found a low-dose of ethanol improved their healthspan as measured by obesity resistance, thermogenic activity, physical performance, mitochondrial function, elevated insulin sensitivity, and subdued inflammation. Granted, a lot of these in vivo studies are older (some from the 70s, 80s, and 90s). For example, fruit flies appear to live longer when a moderate amount of ethanol is introduced to their atmosphere, according to two separate studies conducted in 1989 and 1977, respectively. It should be a surprise to no one that drinking too much alcohol can be bad for you — of course, the definition of “too much” can vary.


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If you have alcoholic liver disease, one of the most important things you can do to increase your lifespan is to quit drinking. Alcohol is the ingredient found in beer, wine, and spirits that causes people to get drunk if certain amounts are consumed. It is a toxin that in excess can cause serious damage to a person’s physical health, especially with prolonged abuse. The result may be a series of ailments, injuries, and illnesses that can significantly shorten an alcoholic’s life. In fact, alcohol is the third-leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

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The guidelines classify moderate drinking up to one drink a day for females, and up to two drinks for males, and only over the age of 21 years. Typically, only people who can show at least 6 months of abstinence from alcohol before the procedure will be suitable candidates for a transplant. Quitting alcohol and treating this condition early on is the best way for a person to increase their chances of reversing or slowing the disease. When examining the mortality rates of the study participants, the researchers observed that 119 (26.6%) of the 447 people abstaining from alcohol had passed away 20 years after the initial interview. Also, 248 (11.26%) of the 2,203 participants who drank low to moderate amounts of alcohol in the 12 months before the interview had also passed away by the 20-year mark.

  • A number of research studies have been conducted recently to determine how many years alcohol typically takes off a person’s life expectancy.
  • Many people refer to alcoholism as a “family disease” because it can have a major impact on all members of the family whether they realize it or not.
  • Active within the recovery community, Sophia serves as a valuable resource to patients in the program as they leave treatment to continue their journey to a successful recovery.

These stereotypes make people comfortable, allowing those who don’t fit them to avoid asking themselves some tough questions. You may also find value in joining a support group for people who are living with alcoholic dementia or for caregivers so that you can meet with others who are coping with the same life stressors as you are. Sometimes, knowing what to expect and how others have managed challenges can help provide a source of comfort and community. This article looks at survival rates and life expectancy for people with cirrhosis of the liver. To prevent alcoholic liver disease and other conditions linked to the consumption of alcohol, doctors advise people to follow National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) guidelines. If a person experiences changes in the genetic profiles of particular enzymes that are key to alcohol metabolisms, such as ADH, ALDH, and CYP4502E1, they will have a higher chance of developing alcoholic liver disease.

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Consistent with our results, other studies also revealed the reduced type 2 diabetes risk among modest drinkers in both Western and Asian populations by improving the insulin sensitivity7,9,29,39. Life expectancy was 24–28 years shorter in people How To Clean Your System From Alcohol In 24 Hours? with alcohol use disorder than in the general population. People with alcohol use disorder had higher mortality from all causes of death (mortality rate ratio, 3.0–5.2), all diseases and medical conditions (2.3–4.8), and suicide (9.3–35.9).

Alcohol-related liver disease soared during pandemic – Harvard Gazette

Alcohol-related liver disease soared during pandemic.

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She has extensive experience in working with patients at all levels of care and has additional training in family dynamics, codependency, relapse prevention, and stress management. Lisa brings her understanding and compassion to our team and believes that with the right help, individuals and their loved ones can heal and grow in recovery and develop the necessary tools to thrive in life. Coping with alcoholic dementia can be difficult for a person who is experiencing it, as well as for their loved ones. You don’t have to go through this alone—seeking help from healthcare providers, as well as support groups, can help you as you learn how to manage your alcohol use and how to cope with the effects of alcoholic dementia.

Some recent studies have linked moderate alcohol consumption to health benefits, such as lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Other studies tout potential health benefits of drinking wine and tequila. A major limitation of this study was the inclusion of patients from inpatient care only, which may have caused selection bias towards AUD patients with the most severe health problems. The study was register-based and lacked clinical data about the type of treatment and adherence.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich John and his team believe their research shows that the lower life expectancy for those who do not drink alcohol compared with those who do can be due to other high risk factors. End-stage alcoholism can lead to long-term health issues, damage to internal organs, and brain damage. The first stage of alcoholism is increased drinking and difficulties resisting alcohol.