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If you’re not already logged into your Gmail account, you’ll be asked to do so, and then you’ll need to confirm that Xero is a trusted site each time you initiate a Google Sheets session. To access the demo company feature, click the list icon to the left of your company’s name on any page and select My Xero. At the very bottom of the next screen, you will see a link to Try the Demo Company. You can reset the demo company at any time, but you should be aware that any data you enter or import will automatically expire after 28 days. As a small-business owner with a lot on your plate, using an accounting software platform like Xero can make it easier to manage your complex financial responsibilities.

  • A professional accountant or bookkeeper can add great value to your business, giving you more time to focus on your own areas of expertise.
  • Ideal for employing businesses and those with more advanced needs.
  • You can save time by replicating your last invoices, making any edits to the amount or description, and send.
  • Identifying and studying the factors that contribute to the sustainability of this advantage provide us with lessons that we can leverage to find the next Quality Franchise.
  • Connect Xero to apps, integrations, and financial services to make it easier to run your small business.

Like invoices, you can also create and send credit notes directly to your customers. Although this Xero trick can definitely save you time and simplify your process, you should still be very cautious about working in multiple organizations at once. Even with different browsers, it’s so easy to record a transaction in the wrong set of books, and you might not catch it until the end of the year.

Why have an accountant or bookkeeper?

Then, you can connect your bank accounts to Xero and decide if you’ll accept electronic payments for online invoices. The Early subscription is tailored for solopreneurs and business owners who are just getting notes payable definition started. You’re able to send 20 quotes and invoices per month, enter five bills, reconcile bank transactions, capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc and view a short-term cash flow and business snapshot.

  • Get to know your finances with accurate, daily figures when you’re accounting online with Xero.
  • Online accounting software can make running every type of business so much easier.
  • Xero has a complete set of support features, including video tutorials, FAQs, and online customer support.
  • Suited for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Xero is an affordable cloud-based accounting software system that streamlines these processes with plans starting at $13 per month.
  • At the very bottom of the next screen, you will see a link to Try the Demo Company.

Again, this feature can be set up for both invoices and bills and is done by accessing the Repeating tab in each respective category. From there, click “New Repeating Invoice/Bill” and you’ll be able to create a new template or use an existing one, and set up the specifications you require. This Xero capability, found in many invoice software, will ultimately facilitate your bill pay and invoicing process. These ratings are meant to provide clarity in the decision-making process, but what’s best for your business will depend on its size, growth trajectory and which features you need most.

Here, a two-sided network is created between developers and accountants (e.g., practice management software) as well as SMEs (e.g., inventory management). You can import data from another accounting system in bulk via CSV files once you’ve done the initial set up in Xero. For a smooth transition and best results, we recommend working with an accountant or bookkeeper, preferably one with Xero experience, when you make the move to Xero cloud accounting software. The Growing plan is best suited for growing businesses, grants the same capabilities in addition to the ability to send unlimited quotes and invoices, enter unlimited bills, and reconcile transactions in bulk. Xero includes extensive features that make it suitable to handle complex accounting processes for small- and medium-sized businesses as well as larger ones.

What support is offered for Xero?

As the industry standard, QuickBooks Online is ideal if you have a growing business with specific accounting needs — as long as you don’t mind taking the time to learn the program’s ins and outs. You can also scroll through Xero’s default chart of accounts and customize it as needed, or import an already existing chart of accounts. If you have a list of customers and suppliers, you can import that, too. Given that there are several invoicing software on the market, it’s worth putting in some time to research your options before choosing one for your business. Hubdoc is included in Xero Early, Growing and Established plans as long as it’s connected to your Xero subscription.

Inside Xero’s Competitive Advantage

Xero’s recent acquisition of Waddle is further progress in this regard. Ideal for employing businesses and those with more advanced needs. You can have a maximum of two active tracking categories, say geography and departments. Hubdoc extracts critical information from each bill or receipt automatically. You can push all bills from Hubdoc to Xero on the click of a button. All you have to do is just a few clicks, and you can easily create an invoice from your computer, laptop or mobile device for a client and then email it.

This is better described as increasing returns from scale (a flywheel effect). You need at least two or more months of reconciled transactions in Xero before any financial metrics are displayed and meaningful. The metrics include your business profitability and the average time it takes for your customers to pay you. This one of our Xero tips deals with a practical tool that many users miss when learning how to use Xero accounting software. Xero has an inbuilt calculator that allows you to perform basic math functions directly in certain fields. Using this calculator decreases the chance of an entry error, not to mention it saves you time looking for another calculator to use for simple arithmetic operations.

Protect your business data

Xero’s core product is a cloud-based, single source of truth, accounting ledger with real-time reconciliation that sits between accountants and small-medium-enterprises (SME). The product streamlines the maintenance of financial records for regulatory and tax purposes. These daily bank feeds mean the immediate tracking of sales invoices, which matches payments against purchases, thus reducing bookkeeping time and costs.

Accounting online with Xero will protect your data through multiple layers of security, such as encryption. Our friendly accounting specialists are here to help, around the clock. Quote and invoice for jobs, track time and costs, and monitor project profitability and expenses using Xero. Ultimately this leads to increasing monetisation of this asset in the long term.

Xero at a Glance

While there are several reasons Xero has been able to take market share from MYOB, a key reason for its success lies in the scaling of its platform across multiple geographies. Xero has a Partner Directory (pictured below) that it is positioning as an accountant marketplace. Increasingly Xero is matching small businesses to accountants that are most suited to them. Xero’s platform is extremely “sticky” because it adds value to both accountants and their clients. If an accountant decides to switch platforms, they need to notify their clients, ask them to change, and teach both their clients and staff how to use a new system.

ERP maker NetSuite is adding AI capabilities throughout its financial products too. The company has recently added its own generative AI application called NetSuite Text Enhance for use across HR, finance, supply chain, and sales. Xero’s software has direct integrations with ~200 bank and financial service partners and is open to developers to build third-party applications for sale in its marketplace, with 800 and counting.