Want to send our troops a Christmas gift?

It's coming up towards Christmas and plans are being made for what you'll do on the big day, what presents you need to get, even the Christmas party that everyone is going to. But then you get to think of all the people who may not be celebrating Christmas with their family and loved ones; of the troops who are serving away from home.

Whilst wanting to send a gift to our troops to show them that their country is supporting them, it can actually be a negative thing - simply because you could be preventing someone from receiving gifts from their family. The system can't cope with too much.

That's one of the reasons that you should consider supporting UK4U - we work with the Ministry Of Defence to make sure that our Christmas Boxes arrive in time for Christmas but we organise sending these boxes months in advance, meaning that it doesn't have a negative impact on the supply chain.

Each year UK4U sends out over 20,000 Christmas boxes to our troops serving away from home and they get a really good response - something that we're really proud of.

If you'd like to send a gift to a non named member of the forces, please donate to UK4U here.

If you would like to send post to a named member of the forces, please find out the posting dates here.



We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, here are a few.

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  • Westminster Foundation
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