Princess Mary’s Gift Tins kindly donated to uk4u

The opening of the case was delayed slightly to accommodate the ever growing and very interested crowd who had gathered in the Onslows’ marquee with its World War 1 posters, to watch Lady Emma, accompanied by her husband Lord Julian Fellowes, open the case. 

Opening the box

Observing this occasion were a number of media representatives who filmed and photographed this exciting event. When the case was opened, inside the cardboard flap was a sheet of paper describing The Princess Mary’s Sailors’ & Soldiers’ Christmas Fund which Lady Emma proceeded to read out. 

Opening one of the outer boxes revealed 12 identical Princess Mary gift tins in mint condition. 

When the tin was opened, it revealed a bullet pencil and a 1915 card. Encouraged by the audience, Lady Emma opened a number of gift tins but they all contained the same items, a 1915 card and bullet pencil.

Opening the boxesImages from left to right: Lord Fellowes, Lady Emma and Patrick Bogue examine the first gift box to be opened.  Lady Emma Kitchener, the great great niece of Earl Kitchener of Khartoum, standing by the famous First World War recruitment poster ‘Lord Kitchener Wants You’ with a gift tin. Lady Emma is shown the X ray of the case by the owner Barrie McFarlane.  After the event, Barry kindly donated 2 of the Princess Mary’s Gift Tins to uk4u.

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