uk4u 2008 Christmas box

UK4U-Box-2008Ross Kemp and Miss UK Nieve Jennings joined forces this year for two launch events, one in London and one in Glasgow, to send off the 2008 Christmas Box.

For Christmas 2008 uk4u Thanks! sent 24,500 Christmas Boxes all over the world to Service personnel who were away from their families and loved ones on Christmas Day. The 2008 box was even better than previous years due to the support from our sponsors and other groups and individuals.

The 2008 box had an estimated retail value of £50, but as the Charity sent 24,500 boxes we were able to source the box and contents in bulk and often direct through the manufacturers, therefore the cost to the Charity is significantly less. We welcome donations of any size so that members of the public are able to show their appreciation for the excellent work our Armed Forces do for us, at a level they can afford to pay.

We continue to need the support of companies, groups and individuals to provide these boxes, so thank you to all who have contributed so far this year. It is still not too late and we are of course continuing our campaign to raise sponsorship and donations.

Now that Christmas is over we can show you the great box and contents which was sent to 24,500 servicemen and Servicewomen all over the world.

Here are some of the comments the charity has received:

'It was a gift well received, especially for those younger lads who had not got anything due to the post. Thank you very much for all the support.'

'I want to thank all involved in providing the uk4u Thanks! Boxes the troops really enjoyed receiving them. Troops of all ages enjoyed the balloons and the other things listed. The song sheets were very handy, I am afraid that it did not improve the singing but at least we all had the words.'

'The small mugs were great and something that soldiers will keep in their kit for ranges and other days away. The booklights will prove useful.'

'Thanks very much for the box, the Christmas hat and sewing box were very good.'

'I just want say thank you on behalf of the 5 rifles, for the gifts that were sent from you, by the looks of things the guys enjoyed their gifts too as they are still trying to crack their mind teaser games. THANKS!!!!'

'The superbright keyfob torches are really good and regularly being used as signal torchs between vehicles on convoys.'

'Very impressed with the quality of the items in the box. The 'gold ammo box' has been useful as well.'

'A fantastic suprise on Christmas day! Was great to have something to open. I'm going to treasure the box for years to come.'

'Very grateful for all the effort that has gone into the fund raising for, and selection of, the items in the box and for the generosity of all those that have donated both money and their time to bring about another very successful 'square stocking'. Thought the actual metal box itself was very good too!' 


uk4u Thanks! would like to express their sincere 'Thanks' to all of the sponsors and would like to remind you that the charity is always looking at new ideas for the Christmas Box, and to ensure the success and appreciation of this gift we still need sponsors and donations to cover the costs.

We rely on your generosity.
Help us to reach our to as many of our troops as possible.



We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, here are a few.

  • BAE Systems
  • Westminster Foundation
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Sodexo
  • Airbus Group UK
  • Cooneen Watts & Stone
  • Vestey Foods